Apart from the main products the following bye products are produced during maize processing.
  • Maize husk
  • Maize gluten
  • Maize oil cake
  • Corn steep liquor
  • Maize (corn) oil
  • Maize germ
Maize husk and gluten are extensively used for cattle and poultry feeds.
Gluten is enriched with very high Quality vegetable protein which is very much useful for cattles.

Maize oil cake containing residual proteins and fats is used as a cattle feed.

Corn steep liquor containnig rich proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, lactic acid etc. finds application for the manufacture of antibiotics like penicillin, rifamycin, streptomysin etc. It is also used for the manufacture of protein enriched cattle feeds.

Maize (Corn)Oil
Maize germ has a fat content of 45-48%. Maize oil is produced by expelling oil from the germs.

Product Specifications
  Saponofication value
  Iodine value (Wij's)
  Free fatty Acid
3.0% max
  Unsaponifiable matter
2.5% max

Maize oil is widely used for manufacturing Vanaspati & Refined Corn Oil.
It contains very low cholestrol & preferred as a very good cooking medium in most households.

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