In order to maintain excellent environment in the surrounding area the company has set up a huge water effluent treatment plant. The plant is considered to be the best in the district for its unique design,environment friendly nature and excellent treated water quality. The farmers surrounding the factory area are now being blessed with three crops a year with the help of our treated water even a single crop a year was a far cry for them earlier due to scarcity of water in this region. The company has established a 2400 m3 capacity Bio-digester which is not only prevent foul smell emitting from effluent but also become the source of Non conventional energy by replacing costly fuel Diesel.

To prevent air pollution a nos of wet scrubber (Dust collectors) are provided in the boiler discharge area to arrest the fly ash from entering in the atmosphere.

Implementation of latest Technology and upgradation of machinery, reduced noise pollution considerably in plant operational area.


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