Malto Dextrin is produced by the controlled hydrolysis of starch using enzymes - The extensive commercial utilization of these products is due primarily to the unique property possessed by malto dextrin of soluble solids without appreciable sweetness.
Product Specifications
 Moisture 5.0% max
 Dextrose Equivalent 15.0-24.0%
 pH (10% soln) 5.5-6.5
 Bulk density (gm/ml) 0.30-0.40
Malto Dextrin is widely used in instant foods, frozen desserts, soups, beverages, coffee powder etc as flavouring and bodying agent. Since it has got the moisture holding capacity malto dextrin is used in several bakery products, cheese and cream products, for candy coating and as crystal inhibitors. It is also used in the manufacturing of nutritional fluids as a filler in tableting and other medical applications.

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