High maltose corn syrups (HMCS) are produced by the controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of starch. Two grades of HMCS are produced by us. One contains 45-50% maltose and the other contains 52-58% maltose.
Product Specifications
  HMCS-45 HMCS-55
 Dry Solids 80-82% 80-82%
 Dextrose Equivalent 45-49% 52-53%
 Sulphated Ash 0.30% (max) 0.30% (max)
 PH (50% Soln) 4.8-5.5 4.8-5.5
 Sugar Profile DP1 2-6% 10% (max)


45-50% 52% (max)
HMCS is widely used in the manufacture of confectionery items because it improves shelf life due to lower hygroscopity and reduces stickness. Lower dextrose content controls better colour stability, outlook and clarity of the product due to reduced crystal formation. HMCS is also used as a replacement of malt in the brewing industry. HMCS increases the output in brewing.

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