Maize Fibre

Maize fibre is a valuable byproduct derived from the processing of corn in a corn mill. It is a fibrous material that remains after the extraction of the corn kernel, primarily used for its nutritional and industrial benefits. Rich in dietary fiber, maize fibre serves as an essential component in animal feed, promoting healthy digestion and overall well-being.

In addition to its nutritional advantages, maize fibre finds applications in various industries. The textile industry incorporates it as a reinforcement material in the manufacturing of biodegradable fabrics and eco-friendly clothing. Its versatility extends to the paper industry, where it contributes to the production of sustainable paper products. Moreover, maize fibre can be utilized as a source of bioenergy through processes like anaerobic digestion or biomass conversion.

Being a byproduct, the extraction and utilization of maize fibre contribute to the overall sustainability and efficiency of corn mills, reducing waste and maximizing the value obtained from the corn milling process. As industries continue to seek eco-friendly alternatives, maize fibre emerges as a promising resource with its multifaceted applications and positive environmental impact.

Parameters Standards Method
Description Cream coloured granular powder. Visual inspection
Moisture Content(% DB) 10.0 Max. SPT-01
Protein (N x 65) (% DB) 18 Min. SPT-30
Fat (% DB) 4.0 Max. SPT-31
Total Ash (% DB) 1.5 Max. SPT-17
  • 50 Kg PP Bag
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