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Maize Starch Paper Grade

Starch has been a widely utilized and cost-effective material in the paper industry since ancient times, dating back to the Papyrus age in Egypt. It serves multiple purposes, including sizing and coating papers, as well as acting as wet end additives. What makes starch particularly advantageous is its non-toxic and biodegradable nature, aligning with environmental friendliness and the use of renewable agricultural resources. When applied in paper production, starch enhances paper strength, improves appearance, and forms a smooth surface suitable for writing or printing.

The paper industry also encompasses various secondary industries, such as packaging boxes and recycled papers. Corn starch finds its application as an adhesive in pigmented coatings for paper and paperboard. To cater to diverse requirements, Sahyadri Starch has developed a range of unique maize starch powders specifically designed for different paper grades. These powders offer economic usage and are tailored to suit varying application conditions. SSIL produces general-grade maize starch powders with different parameters

Parameters Standards Method
Description Fine, white or slightly yellowish powder ; odourless ; taste slight and characteristic. Visual & sensory inspection
Solubility Practically insoluble in cold water and in Ethanol (95%) SPT-05
Moisture % w/w 12.0 Max. SPT-01
Protein ( % on DB ) 0.45 Max. SPT-30
Fat (% on DB ) 0.25 Max. SPT-31
Total Ash ( % DB ) 0.50 Max. SPT-17
Cold water solubles (% on DB ) 0.50 Max. SPT-32
Oxidising substances Absent SPT-33
Viscosity af 2% paste at 75oC on Redwood Viscorneter No.l (secs) 37.0 Min SPT-37
Starch Content (% on DB ) 98.00 Min. SPT-60
Free Acidity (ml of 0.lN NaOH /100gms) 40.0 Max. SPT-11
pH (100% Aqueous solution ) 5.5 - 7 SPT-03
Free Sulphur Dioxide (ppm) 70 Max. SPT-16
Sieve Retention % on 150 Mesh 1.00 Max. SPT-35
Alcoholic Acidity (as H2SO4) with 90%alcohol, % w/w 0.10 Max. SPT-10
Acid Insoluble Ash (% on DB) 0.10 Max. SPT-18
Bulk Density (gm/ml) 0.50 Min. SPT-09

Expiry date:- 24 months from the date of Manufacturing

  • 50 Kg PP Bags
  • 25 Kg Pp Bags
  • 25 Kg Paper Bags
  • 500 Kg Jumbo Bags
  • 750 Kg Jumbo Bags
  • 850 Kg Jumbo Bags
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