High Maltose Corn Syrup (HMCS)

High maltose corn syrups are a modified form of corn syrup. Through the use of beta amylase or fungal alpha amylase, corn glucose syrup can be transformed into a syrup containing 45-49% maltose, categorizing it as HMCS. This product offers a significant advantage in the production of hard candy. At a specific moisture level and temperature, a maltose solution has lower viscosity compared to a glucose solution, yet it still solidifies into a hard candy. Additionally, maltose is less hygroscopic than glucose, meaning that candy made with HMCS will retain its texture and not become sticky as quickly as candy produced with regular glucose syrup.

HMCS is also utilized in the production of full-bodied beers. Its unique sugar profile, high maltose content, and low dextrose level make it an ideal choice for the brewing industry. Furthermore, the color stability and low salt content of the products align with the requirements and preferences of brewers. HMCS offers distinct advantages in both the confectionery and brewing sectors, making it a valuable ingredient for creating desirable and high-quality end products.

Sahyadri Starch prides itself on its dedicated plant exclusively designed for manufacturing HMCS. With a commitment to delivering high-quality products tailored to meet specific customer requirements, the company utilizes premium enzymes from market leaders. These enzymes are applied in a two-stage process with precise dosing and optimal operational conditions, ensuring consistent and superior results. The manufacturing process takes place within SSIL's state-of-the-art facility, featuring closed circuits that maintain strict hygiene standards in accordance with ISO regulations.

Parameters Standards Method
Description Clear, colourless to pale yellowish, odourless, viscous syrup with characteristic sweet taste. Visual & sensory inspection
Dry Solids % 74.0 - 82.0 SPT-02
Dextrose Equivalent (% on DB) 42 - 46 (HMCS-45)
50 - 55
Maltose content (% on DB) 45 - 50 (HMCS-45)
52 Min.
Fermentable Sugars (% on DB) 75 Min. By HPLC
pH (50 % solution w/V) 4.80 - 5.50 SPT-03
Sulphur Dioxide Content:(ppm) Confectionery Grade SO2 Free Grade 400 Max.
40 Max.
Sulphated Ash ( % on DB) 0.50 Max. SPT-19
Presence of Starch Absent SPT-13
Microbiological Analysis
Total Plate count 1000 cfu/gm (Max.)
Yeasts & Moulds / Total Moulds / Fungi 100 cfu/gm (Max.) SMBL-07
E. Coli / Salmonella per gm Absent
  • 300 Kg HDPE Barrels
  • ISO Tanks
  • IBC
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