Maize Gluten

Corn gluten, or corn gluten meal (CGM), is a bright golden yellow dry powder obtained as a byproduct during the corn wet milling process. CGM is a vegetable protein-rich material, with a minimum protein content of 60%. It is widely used as a source of protein and energy in livestock feed, including fish and poultry feed. Additionally, CGM is valued in pet food for its high protein digestibility.

In some regions, corn gluten meal is used as a fertiliser and pre-emergent weed killer. Sahyadri Starch utilises advanced equipment, including gluten thickener centrifuges (GT) and rotary drum vacuum filters (RDVF), along with modern dryers, to ensure the production of consistent and high-quality corn gluten powder/corn gluten meal.

Parameters Standards Method
Description Yellow colour granular powder, free from rancidity and fermented odour Visual inspection
Moisture (% W/W) 13.0 Max. SPT-01
Protein (% on DB) 60.0 Min. SPT-30
Fat (% on DB) 3.0 Min. SPT-31
Total Ash (% on DB) 3.0 Max. SPT-17
  • 50 Kg PP Bag
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